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Best remote control (rc) helicopter guideline are included some points that cover many of the most frequently asked questions and topics people have when first getting or are thinking about getting started with Rc helicopters. All copters not suitable for all some for beginners and some for expert group of people. Get the best copters from the saturated market but  it needs  at least some knowledge on copter.
The Points you need to consider to get best rc helicopter  , check this out.

Power Source:
There are two types of power source namely electric and fuel depended.Between these electric depended which is included rechargeable battery is the best.Because it is eco-friendly and cheaper.There have suggestions about batteries you can follow.
First Know what kind of batteries you have.
  • If you are using LiPo Lithium Polymer batteries never ever run them completely flat, as it ruins the battery. Most helicopters that comes stock with a LiPo battery have a Low-Voltage Cutoff, or LVC, which prevents the batteries from becoming fully discharged.

  • If you are using a NiMH battery try to use up all the power so that you will get a longer charge next time so you can fly longer.

  • If the battery is low or it's windy outside, simply DON'T FLY. You could end up damaging your helicopter, other people's property or hurting yourself or others.
Control distance: You should give concentrate about control distance.A rc helicopter can be considered as best if it has more than 150 meters control range.
3D action and stability: Does it included 3D action and stability? This will give you the sensation of excitement of flying a real helicopter.
Headlight: It should included headlight so that you can get extra experiences in the dark night by flying it.
As yet you can also  see some relevant points, as  for example:
  • Durability and Resilience
  • Flying time
  • HD Video Camera
  • LED Lighting
  • Spare parts
Another point is, you must not dot it “Don't fly far away on your first flight and try to have a fair idea of the range”.

Hope you get your perfect rc helicopter , now get some tips to fly it accurately . Here is some tips to fly rc helicoter

<![CDATA[Are you a novice ? Get some tips to fly Rc Helicopter]]>Thu, 08 Oct 2015 08:08:33 GMThttp://etoysdecision.weebly.com/blog/are-you-a-novice-get-some-tips-to-fly-rc-helicopterFly your helicopter is not quite as simple as it looks.Have you ever wanted to fly radio controlled helicopters, but never known how to start?

Are you a novice to fly a RC Helicopter ? Then get  your heli first , to choose helicopter you have to keep some key points , get some tips on beginners helicopters.
From my own experiences , i am representing some step whose will be for you to fly rc helicopter.Steps are:
  • Find a flying site: The size you'll need will differ depending on the size of your helicopter. Generally , it should be not crowded area,because any can hurt your rc helicopter.
  • Now it’s time to attached battery with the copter. Then set all attempt for flying the helicopter and start with remote.
  • Take it just two or three feet off the ground and indoors, where there are no drafts of wind to compete with your control, and practice landing it on surfaces.
  • Become familiar with the directional controls of your RC helicopter. On two-channel helicopters, you only control the up/down movement and left/right rotation. Three-channel helicopters put you in charge of forward (and sometimes backward) movement. Four-channel helicopters can also move sideways. The more channels, the more control you have over your device, but the more practice it takes to get good at it.
  •  If faces to a crash, check the condition of your helicopter before you send it up in the air again to avoid losing parts.
  • For maximum flight time, let the battery cool off between flights.
  • To land, slowly decrease the throttle so your remote-controlled helicopter gradually lowers to the ground. 
  • If your helicopter gets out of control and a crash is imminent, immediately stop the throttle.
​These tips make you a best rc helicopter flyer. you can follow above tips.]]>
<![CDATA[Rc Helicopters for beginners]]>Thu, 08 Oct 2015 07:33:49 GMThttp://etoysdecision.weebly.com/blog/rc-helicopters-for-beginners
Best Rc Helicopter is always striking to us for its design , function and many others.Though it is striking to us for its design but it is not easy to choose or handle for beginners due to its complex mechanism.Before buying or handling it , you should have minimum knowledge about rc helicopter. In this article i am trying to represent some points those can be helpful for you.Also this article will help the first-time helicopter buyer make an informed decision concerning which category best suits his or her needs and interests.
  • Size: Modern electric-powered helicopters are slightly more difficult to classify size wise, but they generally range from rotor spans in the 7-inch range  to the 700 size, spanning nearly 5½ feet. I’ve seen an electric-powered Scale helicopter with a main rotor span of slightly more than 90 inches! So size really matters. If you want a indoor helicopter then big size does not suit for you but outdoor copter can be large with strong rotor. Have a look below to see small or indoor and large or outdoor helicopter. You can visit www.etoysreview.com for getting indoor and outdoor helicopter review. 
  • Flight Controls: A helicopter should have four flight controls function. Whose are:pitch (elevator), roll (aileron), yaw (rudder or tail rotor), and throttle. The elevator and ailerons are combined known as cyclic control. This is what gives us directional control of the helicopter.
  • Fuel or electric power: One thing, you must concentrate that, how is the rc helicopter run ? Fuel or electric power. Electronic power involved rc helicopter is preferable that fuel based.Because , fuel based rc helicopter is not eco- friendly.
  • Is the tools properly plugged in?  You must check all tools are properly plugged in or not. This most important.
  • Is the rc helicopter give you warranty? This is the another most important point. If it give you warranty then you should to know how many days give you warranty.
I think, if a beginner follow above points before buying rc helicopter, definitely he or she can buy best rc helicopter.